LPG Storage Vessels
(Above Ground)

LPG Storage Vessels




Our Scope of Work

Mounded Tank Storage Facility & Satellite Bottling Plants

Mounded tanks (horizontal) are used for bulk storage of Propane / LPG. Mounded storage is generally safer than other methods of storing the highly inflammable LPG. Mounded LPG Bullets are Large, Buried, and Horizontal cylindrical steel tanks with dished ends of size ranging between 2.0 to 8.5 diameter and lengths of 35 to 70 meters or more.

Mounded bullets allow storage of large quantities of Propane / LPG, up to 2,200 MT. Blue Sea designs mounded bullets according to design codes ASME Sec. VIII Div. I & II, PD 5500, European Standard and AD MERKBALTTER and IS 2825. Further, Permanent Cathodic Protection by impressed current system is used. It is designed for a life of 30-50 years minimum. Additionally, tanks are given further protection against corrosion by a coal-tar epoxy Coating.

We undertake the Projects Execution on LSTK / EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Commissioning) basis. The scope of EPC Contracts include….

Technical Specifications

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