LPG Application

Benefits of LPG for Industry

LPG is a low carbon fuel with thousands of industrial and commercial applications. Regarded as an exceptional energy source, it is cleaner than any other fossil fuel, highly energy efficient and safe to use. With immense benefits and a wide scope of use across a multitude of industries, LPG is one of the most preferred energy sources today.

Benefits of using LPG:

  1. Increased fuel savings
  2. High rate of heating – as high as 1200°C per hour.
  3. Uniformity in temperature and precise temperature control.
  4. Better heat transfer with LPG firing
  5. No wastage of fuel due to spillage and adulteration
  6. Uniformity and increased end product quality
  7. Lower maintenance cost of burners, ovens and furnaces
  8. Lower shut down time of machinery
  9. Cleaner burning and sulphur-free emissions
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