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Maxima 450 KG LPG Installation

To overcome space constraints, tedious handling of large number of cylinders and for high LPG flow requirement, we offer state of the art solution – BSHE Maxima LPG Installation. It is compact, highly energy efficient, safe and easily available.

Main Features

  1. 450 kg Maxima LPG cylinders
  2. Vaporiser
  3. Pressure Regulating Station(PRV)
  4. Electronic Auto Changeover Device (EACD)

Maxima Cylinders are of 450kg capacity and are made from special grade high tensile & yield strength steel (EN10028P355N) confirming to European Nation Standard 13445. This is duly approved by PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization)

Inbuilt Safety Features:

  • Specially designed combo valve with internal check valves and isolation valves
  • Safety Relief Valve (Set Pressure of 18kg/sq cm)
  • Actuator provides safety at Combo valve liquid outlet
  • Excess Flow Check Valve restricts flow in an unlikely case of pipeline failure.
  • Quick release coupling for easy connection- disconnection and double safety.
  • In-built Rochester Gauge to measure the LPG content (5%-95%)

Key Benefits :

  • 60% savings in LPG Installation area over conventional LPG Installation
  • Ease of Handling; 14 conventional cylinders are replaced by just 1 Maxima Cylinder.
  • Savings in LPG consumption
  • Less joints in Maxima LPG Installation ensures higher safety and enhanced safety features
  • Designed to cater large energy requirement

Customized Solution :

  • We offer Maxima & Maxima plus LPG Installations as per your need.
  • In Maxima Plus, the LPG vaporiser is of Heaterless type (HLV). It is an innovative energy saving product which does not consume any electrical energy for vaporisation of LPG. By using HLV in Maxima Plus Installation, 

Add-on benefits of:

  • Additional Annual Savings of Rs 2.35 lakhs to Rs 25.1 lakhs on electricity cost depending on vaporiser capacity
  • Reduction of carbon footprints(62 MT/ year for 100kg/hr vaporiser)
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Quick start up time

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