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BLUE SEA HEAVY ENGINEERING (BSHE) has a wide range of applications in a multitude of industrial manufacturing processes. It’s been more than a decade since we’ve pioneered conversion of industrial fuel energy from polluting fossil fuels to green energy like LPG, offering convenient and complete solutions. The versatility of economical and eco-friendly LPG makes it an ideal energy solution that enhances both productivity and product quality in addition with safeguarding environmental concerns.

Currently, BSHE caters to numerous applications and industrial requirements with customized solutions. Based on your needs, we provide LPG Storage Systems either on a Build-Own-Maintain basis or Turnkey basis. Technical expertise, prompt service, timely delivery, safety and quality assurance are key takeaways from our service. Be assured that the conversion and LPG storage system will be designed, planned and executed seamlessly by our experienced professionals.

If your manufacturing unit is using unreliable, polluting conventional fuel, it’s time you convert to our reliable, efficient LPG. Please feel free to reach our experts who will take you through the energy efficiency process making it easy and hassle-free to operate. With our team’s vast experience and expertise in converting several industries from HSD, LDO, Furnace Oil, Electricity, and Coal to LPG, we are sure you will reap the benefits of BSHE – an exceptional energy source.

Blue Sea Heavy Engineering also designs and represents leading Instrumentation & Machinery, Safety fittings & Equipments mainly in the Pressurized Gas Industry. In short it is a one stop solution for all your requirements

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